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Fibreglass Mouldings from GRP Solutions

Meduza Ltd, a UK based engineering consultancy and manufacturer. From bespoke fibreglass automotive products to commercial production. We offer a variety of solutions for all your grp needs.

We are your total GRP design and manufacturing solution! Meduza Ltd offer a diverse history of extensive experience including, marine, architectural, industrial housings and bespoke high quality automotive parts.

Our Services adapt to your projects specific needs. We are an innovative company at the cutting edge of the grp industry, and Meduza Ltd have more than 25 years of specialised technical experience to draw on. We provide a comprehensive, efficient design to delivery engineered "turn-key" service to our customers. We work directly with clients, Project Managers or Architects to provide a consultancy, project management, engineering, or just a manufacturing service. GRP Solutions offers a set completely scalable services where your manufactured product add more.

We specialise in the special, and excel in the unique. If you need a high quality custom moulded glass fibre product, GRP Solutions offers the complete bespoke fibreglass moulding service that is perfect for your needs.

Our industry leading experience, knowledge, design flair and management skills necessary to make your GRP project a resounding success. We take pride in producing a perfectly engineered product. From full production to initial prototype, 1 or 10,00, we will consider any project and guide you through the process to ensure your satisfaction.

Glass reinforced plastic offers a range of benefits that can be applied to a multitude of uses. It can offer limitless numbers of colours and shapes that are not only inherently strong, but also completely weather resistant. Gone are the plastics of the 60's, our grp is made with of state of the art pigments, gel coats and resins keep their vibrancy for years. Resisting even the harshest of conditions.

The colour and form freedom available with glass reinforced plastic has allowed it to become a favourite material of designers the world over. GRP can be used to replicate any surface so it can be seen on buildings as exterior cladding in various finishes. GRP Solutions are industry experts in reproducing stone, brick and other surfaces fibreglass.

GRP is also perfect as a hull material in the construction of boats. The smooth finish combined with the mighty strength of glass reinforced plastic makes it perfect for not only small boats, but also larger boats which include life boats and trans-continental yachts. In addition to the hull, marine GRP also includes exterior cladding or GRP for other sections of the boat that may need protection from the elements.

Fibreglass moulds are an integral part of the process. At GRP solutions we manufacture all our own GRP moulds and fibreglass mouldings internally. Our light-weight moulds offer an integral strengthen system that guarantees quality products time after time. Our fibreglass mould and moulding manufacturing methods takes full advantage of the benefits of glass reinforced plastics. We know how to make the perfect mould for your fibreglass mouldings product.


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