Winter 2017

Hi guys

Sorry its been a very long time since the last Blog, its been a very hectic and strange year here at Meduza.

With the UK wanting to remove itself from the European Union its had an effect on all business`s throughout the UK. 

Business pattern to what consumers want have shifted with a real squeeze on spending. Thus no new releases at the moment on Body kits.

However we are working currently on a new wide arch body kit for the 2005-2012 Range Rover Sport since these have become more affordable than ever. Watch this space not long to go. If you are interested please drop us an email and we will send the latest pictures to you.

Its always been Range Rover for us so we have planned new parts for the new year for the Vogue and Sport 2013 models onward.

Watch our Youtube Channel which is moving over to another account but you can find us quite easily for all the latest vehicle testing and modifying.