Welcome to 2023

Hey All,

Its been such a long time since i have written anything on the Blog Page. 

The past few years in the Automotive industry have been rocky to say the least, we have seen companies come and go. Due to the rising costs of living and interest rates its not viable for companies to survive.

Fortunately we have managed to stay within the indutry thanks to the vast amount of products we offer and on site installation services.

Change of subject now and onto the year ahead. We have been asked yet again are we going to be building a car for the shows this year and the answer is simply no. Unfortunately we are busy with vehicle builds and continous flow of work we have and simply do not have time to do this. 

Car Shows this year, Meduza will be at some shows this year so come and say hi

Max Power Reuinion

Gravity Show

Jap Fest

These are just some of the shows above we will at this year.

A line up for Land Rover Defender Parts this year, we are currently manufacturing a new GRP front lip for the all new Defender 2020> Currently we have genuine steps, Xlander smoked rear lamps, checquer plating, roof light bar, bigger wheel arches, spare wheel covers in gloss black and swamper wheels. So if you have a Defender you are looking to trick up give us a call. 

Yet another 350Z has been converted by us and is off for painting next week, this will be at the shows this year, its not our vehicle but a very special client. Completely customised for him, you will have to wait and see. So may have got glimps of it on our instagram page. @meduzabespokeautoltd.

Any way for now take care and see you soon.