2021 COVID Continues and Cars Keep Coming

Hey All,

What a year so far COVID restrictions, delay in goods and soaring prices.

Here at Meduza we have tried to keep costs down as much as possible, due to ongoing China price hikes in shipping has lead to increase in costs for raw materials and plastic parts. Hopefully when this whole scenario dies down costs will eventually drop as well.

Anyway enough moaning as I can do this all day. Onto the juicy stuff!

Range Rover Sport L494 2018> RS-700 will be available by the end of the year, so any customers who are looking for a wide Sport please register your interest now. Booking slots are way in advance at the moment.

Land Rover Defender 2020> 90 & 110 we have just added a range of genuine OEM products to the web site that are available in stock now.

Development, we are looking for a client who may interested in styling for the new Defender. We in turn would do a free body kit. Please email us if this is for you.

Thanks as always for supporting Meduza.