Range Rover Lettering Badge removal tool for bonnet and tailgate

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Why pay a bodyshop up to £50 to fit your lettering when you can do it problem free with this tool.

Fitting Chrome lettering to your Range Rover is a popular modification but many people are concerned about removing the old lettering - this is the trade secret way of doing it.

This tool is basically a rubber wheel that fits into an electric drill and when pushed against the car will remove the sticky remains from the lettering adhesive.

This tool is not any old rubber it is a specially formulated rubber for car body work.

This tool will last long enough to remove the lettering from 100 Range Rovers and still be going strong !

Caution - this tools works well on metal panels with factory paint finish - painted plastic and resprayed panels can cause the paint to be removed. check a small area before before using on the main panel.

NEW - this wheel now comes with an adapter that screws onto the threaded section to convert it to make it easier to use in a standard chuck.

Quick guide to changing your lettering / badge

step 1 - Mark position of current lettering / badge so you know where the new one goes

step 2 - Use a hot air gun ( or hair dryer ) to heat the lettering to make it soft.

step 3 - Lift the corner of the letters and peel off the plastic letters ( this leaves the foam adhesive stuck to the car )

step 4 - Use this wheel in an electric drill to remove the remaining tape.

step 5 - Fit new lettering using spacing templates if provided (check our Landrover Accs)



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