News Update

Hey All

Last blog was back in May so though i better get another one going. There is so much to talk about but i will keep short and sweet for you.

Meduza has released the Volkswagen T5.1 Front Bumper Lip Spoiler and Front Grille. If you have already seen it on the website or our social media you can see it is different to all other models available on the market. Fresh new design with different curves and 2 tonne colours. We are looking for someone who has a T6 which is willing to loan it to us so that we can transfer the design onto that model. The lucky will get the Lip spoiler and grille for free. Please contact us if you are interested.

On the subject of customers vehicles we are also looking for a Range Rover Sport 2013 > so that we can design a new lip for front and rear for the original bumpers. If you are interested again please contact us so that we can make arrangements. 

Meduza is constantly looking for new ideas and fresh designs, if you have a vehicle that maybe suitable for development work, a gap filler in the market never hesitate to contact us we are always open to suggestions.

Well what can i say summer is nearly over, we have had spells of fantastic weather over the past few months, the shows are all nearly over now. Car builds will be being prepared for next year shows, if you need body work, paint work or body kits we are the UK`s only choice.

Take care all and look forward to the next Blog.