20" Ferrada F8-FR5 Matte Bronze Alloy Wheels Audi R8 BMW i8 Lamborghini

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Ferrada F8-FR5 Alloy Wheels


As recognized leaders and pioneers of the luxury wheel industry, we at Ferrada Wheels are constantly challenged to push the envelope in our quest for the next level of perfection.

This time, we’ve taken our ideas and designs beyond the limits of wheel technology. Through months of experimentation and countless rounds of prototyping, we’ve developed a way to manufacture high-performance wheels that’s durable, strong, light-weight, and offer outstanding function under any condition. We’re proud and excited to announce our new premium line of luxury wheels that’s unlike any other product currently in the market.

We call it, Forge-8.


Forged exclusively by Ferrada

What makes our Forge-8 line so special is the way the wheels are made, only possible through a manufacturing technique that’s wholly exclusive to Ferrada Wheels. Part of this unique process involves employing 8 hydraulic rollers to apply pressure on a heated barrel spinning at high speed. The extreme forces acting on the barrel collapses air pockets within the aluminum, reducing barrel thickness by 15% of the industry standard while increasing strength and durability. Another important consequence of this procedure is the lower rotational weight of Forge-8 wheels, resulting in unprecedented levels of road performance unachievable by other manufacturing techniques.
To complete this tedious forging process, the heated barrel is then quenched in the cooling tank. This last step is crucial in locking in the desired qualities that make the Forge-8 line the most technologically advanced luxury wheels available.

Style comes standard

Performance aside, the Forge-8 line is also designed with aesthetic value in mind. By extending wheel bars to the edge of the lip, we’re able to create the illusion of a much larger wheel look without compromising quality and fitment*. Characterized by its sleek and svelte wheels, unbelievable performance, uncompromising durability, structure and strength, Forge-8 is the ultimate light-weight luxury wheel range which discerning drivers and car enthusiasts all over the world have been waiting for. It’s finally here.

*All Forge-8 wheels are suitable for vehicles with ceramic brake systems.

Size : Front 9J x 20" & Rear 12 x 20"

Fitment : 5/112 5/120 /5114.3

Colours : Machine Silver, Matte Bronze, Matte Graphite

Wheel & Tyre Package Available

Ideal Fitment for Super Cars

If you are unsure of your vehicle fitment please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

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